What Is CQATest App: All You Need To Know

What Is CQATest App

Motorola has consistently produced the best hardware in the market, but it is also known for its software. The company is known for launching innovative apps that are useful to consumers. 

One such app is the CQATest App that comes pre-installed with several Motorola smartphones and tablets. 

Motorola released its new smartphones in the market; the Moto G6 and the Moto E5 Play. The devices are affordable, but it doesn’t mean that they lack advanced features like CQATest App. 

In this article, we will discuss the functions of the CQATest App, troubleshoot some of its problems, and provide some solutions.

What is CQATest App? 

CQATest is a testing software included with Motorola cellphones. Not only does it test, but it also displays debug information to help you troubleshoot the device.

Functions Of CQATest App In Your Device

It displays an interface via which you may test your device at the Advanced level. It also displays certain advanced device information such as the IMEI number, HTTP client test, Data Sent (in bytes), Signal Strength, etc.

Android CQATest will also show you a menu where you may test the display, camera, sensors, temperature, audio, and so on. 

If you wish to test the audio, it will play audio through all external sources such as Loud Speakers, Ear Speakers, etc.

 This information is only available for Motorola users via the app CQATest.

The CQATest app, which may appear suddenly on your Android device, is used to decide the device’s machine overall performance. 

In addition, many cell improvement agencies use this utility as a diagnostic device for the latest or future Android smartphone devices. 

The CQATest app was created to help cell phones function more efficiently and effectively than previous models.

With the Motorola CQATest application, you can efficiently run several automated tests on your device. It allows you to check for signal strength, battery life, network connectivity, and more. 

What Is The Significance Of Its Unexpected Appearance On Your Phone?

Do you know what caused it to appear? 

The reason for CQATest appearing on an Android device is currently unknown. Many people have confirmed that it occurred at random.

Ideally, the CQATest app should not appear on Android devices. It is a diagnostic app that is not intended to be used by people.

Despite this fact,  the most prevalent explanations  of its sudden appearance might be:

  • Upgrading your Android operating system
  • After you reset your Android device
  • Attempting to gain access to hidden menus (or something similar)

There’s a chance it’s on your phone but not displayed in the menu. To check, go to your phone’s settings, go to the Apps and manually scroll down to see if it appears on the list of your phone’s applications.

Why Is It Requesting Permission?

CQATest, as previously mentioned, is a smartphone diagnostic app. As a result, it requires all permissions to work correctly. 

This means that if you deny the permissions, the app will possibly crash(abruptly)  or display incorrect results!

If you unintentionally grant permission when you shouldn’t have, you may always revoke it from the app settings.

Does The CQATest App Not Respond After Being Launched?

This software is only accessible to developers, not end-users like many customers. As a result, the smartphone manufacturer has disabled this app.

Only Xiaomi’s devices have access to such testing capability. All other firms, including Motorola, have deactivated this function.

As a result, it is possible that this app was initially rejected or did not provide any rights at all. You may activate app permissions by going to Settings > All applications.

If this does not address the problem, proceed to the next stage and use the suggested solving methods.

Problems Often Associated With The CQATest App

In an idealistic situation, the CQATest app should not create any problems.

It was on your smartphone long before you spotted it in the app menu. However, customers have reported a decrease in performance after it was added to the list in certain circumstances.

Users have reported the following problems:

  • It varies depending on your own choices or the preferences of your device.
  • The messaging service is not operational.
  • Notifications are silenced.
  • The notification drawer does not open fully.
  • Some applications are not functioning correctly.
  • Factory Reset does not function.

Can The CQATest App Be Uninstalled?

If you want to disable or remove an app pre-installed on your phone, it’s essential to know that it can sometimes cause problems. One such pre-installed app which has been causing many users grief is the CQATest App.

In any case, it’s not advisable to delete this application. Your device may enter a boot loop as a result of this.

You may disable it or remove permissions to see how it affects the performance of your device.

How Should CQATest Problems Be Resolved?

CQATest is the essential software that, in theory, should not pose any problems.

However, several users have experienced problems ranging from opening notification drawers to unexpected phone unlocks.

So, if you are also experiencing this problem shortly after installing the CQATest app on your smartphone, please follow the following guided steps:

Remove Cache and Data

Clearing the cache and data restores the app to its previous state. It appears that you have only recently installed the program on your smartphone.

Go to Settings > All Apps > CQATest > Clear Cache and Data by selecting the app.

If this does not work, proceed to the next step.

Grant or deny permission to the Android CQATest app

It’s recommended that you first enable or reject the permissions and then recheck your phone. The software has frequently failed to give enough access. Because it is a continuing operation, this might be hurting the performance of your device.

Turn off or force close the app

The issue may be resolved by temporarily deactivating or force-killing the program. You will discover whether the problem is caused by the program or by anything else.

If the CQATest app causes the problem, this should restore your Android to a stable condition.

Take out and replace the SIM card

You can try it before proceeding to the next step of formatting your device. Don’t you want to accomplish it even if you only have a 1% chance of success? You make the call.

If the problem persists, your most effective choice is to carry out a tough reset on your smartphone.

Factory Reset your Android

Factory resetting an Android phone or tablet is a process that restores the device to its original state without deleting any user data. 

Factory Reset can restore your phone to its default settings and remove all the apps you installed, including any bloatware that came preloaded on your phone.

Go to “Settings,” then “Backup and Reset. Next, press the “Factory Data Reset” button. 

Perform A Hard Reboot On Your Device

Before any factory resetting, always backup your data! If you are a root user, you may access not just internal storage but also app data. This procedure will erase all of your phone’s data and settings.

A hard reset resets both the software and hardware systems of your Motorola gadget. It is a sophisticated method for resetting your phone and must be done via the bootloader menu.

To hard reset your Motorola phone, follow these steps.

  • Turn off your device.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons until your phone powers up.
  • Choose Recovery from the list of options that appears on the screen
  • Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and then click the power button.

Choose Yes – Delete all user data.

Choose Reboot System Now.

The problems must be fixed as soon as your device powers up.

Make A Visit To The Closest Motorola Store

If your Motorola phone is giving you more consistent issues, you can instantly visit the nearest service center of Motorola to get it repaired.

You can either go to the nearby service center of this brand or call them over the phone for instant help.

If you have to call them over the phone, they will give you all the possible solutions for your problem.

The experts of this brand are well trained, which is why they will be able to solve any issue in no time!


CQATest is a diagnostic tool for Motorola Android handsets. This software is not available to end-users like you. In certain circumstances, it operates erratically and creates a variety of system problems.

The precise reason is unknown at this time. However, deleting the program is not a suitable solution because it fulfills a specific function in the system.

You can attempt the procedures described in the above section to fix your problems should the application become a nuisance.

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