Will Robots Take Over The World: Rise Of The Machines

Will Robots Take over the world

In this modern world, artificial intelligence is all that scientists and business people talk about. For years we have been told that AI is taking over the world. 

Predictions had it that by the mid-2030s, almost half of the jobs in the United States could be automated. 

However, by looking at how things are right now. We don’t seem to be any closer to any of the predictions. 

I think we will need to extra decades to see the AI prediction getting actualized. However, we should accept that the potential for blindingly acrobatic and fast robots worries us. 

It is because robots are set to disrupt many industries in the coming future. Also, as mentioned, it’s so clear that the mid-2030s take over by robots will not be possible. 

However, we have also seen rapid progress in recent years, which adds to our worries. It’s because the large data sets are readily available, and the electronics and sensors are quite cheap. 

Plus, many businessmen are demanding steady efficiency. All these reasons tell you that the robot revolution is coming. It’s also already in some industries. So, let’s find out. 

Will Robots Take over the world.

No, robots cannot take over the world. It’s true that AI has enhanced our lives and will impact more in the coming future. 

AI technology has certainly made our homes smarter and businesses more efficient. The machines can certainly automate certain tasks and behaviors. 

However, they lack the critical thinking and cognitive skills needed to perform some complex actions. 

Artificial intelligence falls short in environments that uniquely need creativity, social intelligence, perception, and other human abilities and traits.

Reasons Why Robots Won’t Take Over The World

Today artificial intelligence is a big part of our lives. However, many do believe that the adoption of robots will lead to the rise of unemployment. 

It’s true but also not true; we will discuss this in the article. To today the AI has done nothing but improve our lives. But in the coming future, things will be different. 

The robots will be in almost all industries, and this is bringing tension among humans.  Many think that robots can outstretch their intelligence to other parts of human life, like ruling over humans. 

However, this is not probable. Let’s looks at some of the reasons why robots cannot take over humans.

1. Robots Will Have No Legal Powers

It’s among the best reasons why robots will never take over humans. Take a look at history, and you will know how stubborn humans are or can be. 

There is no way on earth that humans will ever allow robots to have rights. Without legal rights, robots are nothing but slaves to humans. 

They will not have the right to vote, which already puts them on the sideline. Another thing is that robots cannot own property or even business. 

In short, robots are being developed to help humans make profits by increasing efficiency in various businesses. 

However, this can change in five decades to come. I’m certain the AI technology will be so advanced. But in today’s world or the next decade, robots cannot take over the world. 

2. Robots Cannot Be Smarter Than Their Creators

Robots cannot outsmart their creators, and this is a fact. How can that even happen? I’m certain the humans know it better. Humans cannot make a robot that is smarter than them. 

The only thing the robot can outshine us in. It is the ability to work for longer periods, but they will never be free thinkers. Mostly they will always perform the functions they were made for. 

For example, if they are programmed to carry goods in the warehouse. That is what they will be doing. The thinking and functioning of the robots will be rhythmic. 

3. Human-Like Hands

Scientists are far from replicating robotic hands that function exactly like that of humans. Would you mind taking a look at the robots around? They might be a fraction intelligent, but the hands they use are so clumsy. They cannot move like a human hand and thus cannot perform many duties. 

The scientists have been working day and night to come up with something close to human hands. However, what they come up with is not robust enough. 

4. It’ll be Expensive To Implement Robot In All Industries Worldwide

By putting all the factors into consideration, you will find out how robots are expensive. Therefore it will not be possible to use them everywhere. It’s because the world is too large. 

The production of robots and artificial intelligence requires a lot of research. Today the research budget is approximately in billions. However, it might reduce in the coming future, but the margin will not be that big. 

I’m also certain that the robots will always be used in a place where profit outweighs the cost. Meaning they will displace some humans. But they won’t have a chance in other areas since they might negatively affect the economy. 

5. Can Robots Start A war Against The Whole World and Win

People imagine that since robots cannot take over the world using legal powers, they might resort to doing it through war. People think that robots might make armies and force humans to submit. 

Well, I can assure you that never in history has any army ever taken over the world. There have been many attempts from the over-ambitious leaders. 

But their ambitions to take over the world did not even see the dawn. So how will the robots, which are inferior to us in terms of intelligence, do what humans could not do? Humans love independence and freedom. 

The humans will do anything to defeat the army of robots. I wonder if it’s even possible for robots to form armies. If we ever see an army of robots, then a human will certainly be behind all that. 

The Popular Industries That Robots Will Quickly Take Over

Other than being quite intelligent, the robots can work for longer hours. The ability to work for quite a long gives them an upper hand. 

Therefore many industries are working to incorporate robots to increase productivity. Plus, robots do not have demands like humans. So let’s look at some of the industries that might be taken over by the robots quickly. 

1. Agriculture

The robots make farming much easier. In today’s world, there are many technological changes in agriculture. 

The incorporation of robotics, artificial intelligence, and 5G will help change farming a lot. Plus, some robotic materials are now available and are not so expensive. 

In farming, robots help in several ways like milking, harvesting, and many more. According to research, the robot market in agriculture is expected to grow to $20.6 billion by 2025. 

The robots will certainly be used in planting, fertilization, irrigation, etc. Robots will also be quite useful in areas that are quite dangerous, like pesticide administration. 

2. Medicine

Humans have always been sure that medicine cannot accommodate robots. According to humans, certain medical fields like surgery can only be handled by a human. 

They believe that surgery needs experienced surgeons. Because surgeons are well trained, have fine motor skills, and can perfectly access the individual situation. 

However, this is not so correct. Robotic surgery does have a massive potential. In certain countries, robots are already being used to help in major surgical procedures. 

For example, at Boston children’s home hospital in Massachusetts, the doctors, alongside a robot, did fix a child’s heart. 

I can assure you that with the continuous advancement in AI technology. More robots will be brought to the health industry to perform various functions. 

3. Entertainment

Today, many homes are using robots. However, most home robots do look like novelty toys. But this will change with time. 

Several personal robot assistants are still under development, like Kuri, Aido, Siri, and many more. These AIs are being used in smartphones, music players, smart hubs, etc. 

At the moment, the robotic speakers are not that advanced. However, the developers are working on improving them. In the coming years, the speakers will be able to detect and respond to emotions. 

The scientists want to make this possible by incorporating that sense of touch into the speakers. In other entertainment parts, outside homes, the robots will be used for various functions. 

In certain countries, robots are already being used to control parks, festivals, and events. 

4. Military

The rapidly changing geopolitical landscape is making most governments incorporate robots in combat. This is being fueled by the rise of terrorist activities in the world. 

The incorporation of robotics in the military will be quite helpful. They can be used in extreme rescue missions and even as snippers. 

In addition, the robots can be used in many other military activities like firefighting, mine clearance, surveillance, and many more. 


Imagine a time in the coming future. Intelligent robots have taken over all the industries and are ruling the world. 

Humans are working for robots without pay. Other humans are planning for resistance against the robots. It sounds like science fiction because it’s science fiction. 

Humans can never lose a war against the technology they created. Plus, there is no way robots will ever take over the world. 

Be it through legal actions or war. If you have read through the article, I’m sure you know why this will never happen. 

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