5 Benefits Of Using Magnetic Trackers

5 Benefits Of Using Magnetic Trackers

GPS trackers have become a significant part of our day-to-day lives. It is the first step towards creating a safer environment for our loved ones. You can also use these trackers to track your vehicles and other valuable assets. However, the conventional GPS tracker might not suit all your needs- for example, it could be too big or heavy to attach to your kid’s backpack, or the installation of the device might be too much work. In such cases, a conventional GPS tracker will not suit all your needs and might even make things a little difficult for you. 

But worry not! It is where magnetic GPS trackers come into play. They are easy to use and easy to attach. So you can track absolutely anything or anyone with these! A magnetic GPS tracker is ideal for personal use. These trackers can be attached to a kid’s bike or skateboard and to an elderly’s walking assistance (cane, wheelchair, etc.). So, if you want to ensure the safety of your child or your aged parents, a magnetic tracker is the right fit for you. 

A magnetic tracker has many benefits that it can offer you. Keep reading to know more. 

Benefits Of A Magnetic Tracker 

Easy to Install 

A magnetic tracker has a simple installation process. It comes with either an in-built magnet or a magnetic case. To attach this tracker, you need to place it on a flat surface on a vehicle or object. Press or pull from all sides to ensure it is intact. That’s it! It’s that simple to attach a magnetic GPS tracker. 

This magnet is strong and durable and does not lose its magnetic qualities. If you place it right, it will not fall off no matter how fast or unruly your movement may be. 

Discreet Tracking 

Are you worried that your spouse may be cheating on you? Or is it your teen whose whereabouts concern you? Maybe your aged parents feel dependent on you and would not like to be tracked either. You obviously cannot keep tabs on them openly. In such cases, a magnetic GPS tracker is best suited. You can secretly place the tracker under the vehicle they are using. You can monitor their whereabouts and ensure that they are driving safely.

Versatile Tracking 

Due to the compact and easy-to-use nature of a magnetic tracker, you can easily use it for multiple purposes. You can track a vehicle one day and choose to use it for your kid the next. A magnetic GPS tracker has many versatile uses. You can use it to track your personal belongings as well. It takes a few minutes for you to detach the tracker from one vehicle or object and attach it to another. For example, your luggage is in transit on boats, cars, etc. You name it, and you track it! 

Long Battery Life 

Magnetic GPS trackers work on batteries. They usually have a long battery life that allows you to use them for prolonged periods. The battery life of a tracker varies from brand to brand- different companies have different designs for their trackers. 

For some, the battery life goes on for weeks, while some last for months. Usually, these trackers come with long battery life, so you can rest assured that your tracker will last for a long time. With that being said, do check out the battery life of a tracker before buying it. 

Reliability and Durability 

Magnetic GPS trackers do not break easily- they need to be placed on a smooth surface on the object or vehicle you are tracking. No matter how rough the terrain you are driving on or how fast you are moving, the tracker can still capture your location. You can rely on your tracker to do its job and stay intact no matter where you decide to use it. 

5 Magnetic GPS Trackers That We Recommend For You 

To ease your doubts, we have also compiled a list of the five best Magnetic GPS trackers available on the market. You can go through their features, and if any of them intrigue you enough, research more on the brand and buy it. Here are the best five magnetic trackers you can rely on for your safety. 

Amcrest GL300 GPS Tracker 

Device cost – $52.99

Subscription – $19.90 for 60 second updates and $34.99 for 5 second updates 

The Amcrest GL300 is a small, portable GPS tracker well-suited for personal tracking. It has a sleek, compact design making it ideal for discreet tracking. This tracker also uses 4G LTE to ensure constant connectivity. It can therefore send updates at an unparalleled speed! This tracker is also weather-resistant, can build up to 20 geofences, and has a battery life of two weeks after one recharge. 

Family1st GPS Tracker 

Device Cost- $24.95

Subscription- $19.95 per month

The Family 1st GPS tracker has been consistently ranked as the number one tracker in the country on Amazon. This tracker comes with a separate magnetic case, has an easy installation procedure, and has a compact, easy to carry, and durable body. This tracker has a world-class battery that lasts up to two weeks on a one-minute update, and for six months while in sleep mode. 

This magnetic tracker by Family1st promotes minimal maintenance and maximum security and therefore comes with no contract or cost activation. It has a low subscription while providing the best quality results. The company also offers customer support which is available 24×7. Family1st is the favorite of many families for the security and safety of their loved ones. Moreover, the device also comes with a lifetime subscription and provides coverage all over North America. 

Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker 

Device cost- $29.99

Subscription- $17.99 per month

The Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker also offers 4G connectivity and has reliable reporting throughout North America. This tracker comes with a waterproof magnetic case, protecting it from natural phenomena like rain or snow, harsh driving, and rough terrain. The tracker is quite affordable, which makes it a popular choice. It also comes with an app for communication and data transmission. The app has a user-friendly interface. This device also comes with a panic button for you, or say, your child, to send an SOS alert whenever they smell trouble. 

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker 

Device cost- $39.95

Subscription- $19.95

The Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker comes with a weather-resistant magnetic case. It is a small, 3-inch tall tracker making it ideal for discreet tracking. The magnetic case of this tracker is made of a neodymium magnet – the strongest magnet available on the market. It makes it very resistant to wear and tear and ensures its durability. It also comes with an internal motion sensor which puts it on standby when not in use. This tracker provides coverage over the USA and Canada, expanding your safety horizons. This device comes with neither a contract nor a cancellation fee, making it affordable and popular. 

Tracki Mini GPS Tracker 

Device cost-$28.88


If you describe yourself as a wanderer who loves to travel, this tracker is the one for you. The Tracki Mini GPS tracker provides global coverage, letting you wander around the world without getting lost. It offers unlimited distance real-time tracking and comes with an international sim card. The device is slim, light, and compact- you can just slip it into your bag pack and go about your adventures. This tracker comes with a Magnetic Case. It also stores information for up to 5 years! 

Take Away 

If you have made it this far in the article, you must have a fair idea about magnetic GPS trackers and which ones you could potentially buy. If you want more options and a detailed guide, check out these magnetic GPS trackers curated by Family1st.

Additionally, make sure to do your research and choose a tracker that serves all your needs while being affordable for your pocket. The ideal GPS tracker will cover all your needs at a minimal cost. If you have any questions about the same, drop in a comment below! 


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