How Much Does It Cost To Fix An iPhone Screen?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix An iPhone Screen

The iPhone is one of the most trusted and reliable smartphones in today’s time. In fact, it is considered the top brand when it comes to gadgets. What people love most about iPhones isn’t just their brand but their quality materials and top-tier features. Thus, these phones are being sold at a high price. 

Since these phones are built with top-quality materials, you should expect that it could be very costly as well when repaired. No matter how careful you are with handling your gadgets, you can’t really tell when something’s going to happen.  And, when this happens, it isn’t just annoying. It affects your leisure, your work, and your time to relax because you can’t use your iPhone. 

Nevertheless, the cost of repairing an iPhone screen is not fixed, as several factors need to be considered. In this article, we will discuss each of these factors so that you will have a rough estimate of how much it will cost. 

1. The Cost Of Repair Would Really Depend On The Service Provider. 

You can resort to Apple repair or a third-party repair; it would still depend on your service provider. Generally, Apple repairs are more pricey, but you are assured that the people doing the repairs are Apple-certified. They are more equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to repair the iPhone screen because they study the product. 

On the other hand, third-party repairs are mostly cheap, and you can bargain. The downside is that your Apple warranty will be null and void as per their rule. Third-party repairs are also not Apple-certified, which means you will run the risk of damaging the iPhone because of allowing non-Apple-certified repair staff to fix your iPhone screen or any other iPhone damages, for that matter. 

Apart from that, usually, these third-party repairs don’t use original materials, so your screen replacement might not be top quality. So, it’s really up to you if you would take the risk. 

2. iPhone Type. 

According to the pricing experts on How Much Does It Cost, iPhone screen repairs cost will also be influenced by your type of iPhone. The latest iPhones are more expensive to repair mainly because their parts are more sophisticated than the earlier ones. Also, the larger the screen, the more expensive it is to be repaired. 

Look at the prices below. As of 2022, you can expect your iPhone repairs to be around these prices. 

iPhone 5/5S: $70/$80

iPhone 6/Plus: $80/$100

iPhone 7/Plus: $90/$120

iPhone 8/Plus: $120/$140

iPhone X/XR: $270/$280

iPhone 11/11 Pro: $280/$300

3. Severity Of Damage. 

Logically, the more damaged your iPhone screen is, the more costly it will be because the one handling the repair will have more work to fix the damage fully. Sometimes, you will be advised to pay extra should they later find out that there are materials needed to fix the screen.

If it’s just a small crack, they will likely be able to fix it easily. There are even hacks online that you can try if you want to give them a go. On the other hand, if the screen is completely shattered, it’s better to take it to a professional.

4. The Type Of Damage On Your iPhone Screen. 

In light of the severity of the damage, the cost of iPhone screen repair is heavily influenced by the type of damage on the screen as a result of the accidental drop or throw of the iPhone. Here are the most common types of damage on the screen: 

  • Broken glass: This is a typical iPhone screen damage across iPhone users because the glass is mainly the exterior of any iPhone and is the most susceptible component of any iPhone to impact or force. If the service provider says that it’s broken glass, it means that the LCD is still fully operational.
  • Dead pixels: If, after a sudden drop of your iPhone, you see something white or dots on the screen, it means that something is wrong between the transistor and the three subpixels on your iPhone. That’s why it appears to be that way. If you can simply ignore it, then you can use your iPhone with some dots on the phone. Still, if you get mad at seeing it, then there is a need to replace or fix the LCD of the iPhone, which may cost you a lot because the LCD is underneath the exterior glass of your iPhone, which will require expertise and tough work to make it fully fixed. 
  • Touch or unresponsive digitizer: The types of damages mentioned earlier are more on into the appearance, but this one is more of an internal problem. Touch or unresponsive digitizer is when your iPhone does not follow your touch and execute your command. And as in the case of damaged LCD, digitizer damage is also expensive because it requires LCD replacement as most digitizers are built within the LCD. 
  • Pressure spot: Similar to the dead pixels, the pressure spot is a result of a ruptured LCD screen. If this also annoys you, then you will be charged the same cost of LCD replacement.

  • Backlight leakage: Another type of screen damage is if you notice a reflection of white light on your iPhone screen. This is often called backlight leakage or backlight bleeding. It is caused by Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tubes leaking into the display panel of the LCD as a result of insufficient adherence around these parts. For most iPhone users, this is a problem, and the only solution to this is an LCD replacement. 

Final Words 

To conclude, iPhone screen repairs cost or price isn’t a one size fits all thing. It will heavily depend on the factors aforementioned, as with any type of device. The more damaged the screen is, the more it will be costly on your part. So, if you want to ensure and avoid getting shocked by the repair prices, do your basic research before going directly to customer service or third-party repair shops to get an idea. 

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