How To Reset Pixel Buds; Google Earbuds Details

How To Reset Pixel Buds

Earbuds are growing more popular as more people opt for small, easily portable devices that they can use in any environment. 

Earbuds comfortably fit in pockets and bags; thus, they are the best choice for most people as they don’t have a cable messing with them as they work.

This growing popularity has caused many companies to develop an interest in manufacturing these products, and Google is one of them. 

The best-selling product in the line is the Google Pixel earbuds so let us take a closer look at how it works and its user guide;

How To Reset Pixel Buds

Most wireless devices develop issues with pairing, especially after using them with several different devices. 

You will need to clear the data through a reset to fix this, so it connects with your devices; let us get into the details and figure it out;

  1. To begin, take the Pixel buds out of the case and clean them; make sure all contact points are clean since it might reset one and leave the other if they aren’t clean, and this will lead to a new problem.
  2. Once the contacts are clean, put the buds back in their charging case and leave it open, so you see the orange indicator at the top of the case. 
  3. Hold the back button behind the case for about 30 seconds to start the reset process, even after the light goes off. After 30 seconds, let go, and it will blink white and orange as it goes through the reset process.

Make sure you charge the case and earbuds before trying this; otherwise, the process might fail. Give it a minute, and once the process is complete, you will see the light turn to solid orange, and you will have successfully reset your Google pixel buds.

Google Pixel Buds Review

Google earbuds took the market by storm and had many positive reviews. They offered many great advantages, one of which was the hands-free Google Assistant. Let us break down this product further and see what you should expect if you get it.

1. The build and feel

The Google pixel buds are bubble-shaped earbuds with a rubber earpiece and an arch at the top for additional support. 

The earbuds go into a magnetic lock case that holds both the cover and the buds in place during storage and charging.

The magnet system also makes it easier to put the buds in the case when you want to charge them. In terms of design, the buds look great, and they feel solid, and their shape allows them to hold onto the ear.

You can take off a shirt or hoodie with these earbuds on, and they won’t come off. This makes them a good choice for riding bikes or running since you won’t risk them falling out and getting damaged. 

Additionally, they are water-resistant, so you can feel safe wearing them in light rain or when you sweat a lot during an intense workout. The buds fit perfectly in your ear, but the arch will hurt after several hours of continuous use.

2. Sound quality

The pixel buds have 12mm drivers that provide amazing audio quality for sound quality. You can listen to anything from beats to acoustics and movies, and you will find that these buds can produce amazing sound quality. 

They have a good separation between the audio elements, allowing you to get every aspect of the track you are listening to. 

You can tune into the vocals and baselines when listening to music with these buds, and that is what most people look for in headphones, immersion.

The buds offer great separation, which will be great for watching movies with many background noises. 

If you are into loud music, these buds can handle it, and they can blast insanely high volumes into your ear.

The only thing they lack is the bass, their bass is not that thick, and there isn’t a setting to change it in the app. 

They also don’t have active noise cancellation, but it is not a feature you should expect based on the price; they will block outside noises physically.

3. Adaptive sound

As mentioned, these earbuds don’t have active noise cancellation, but they will physically block your ear canals and keep most of the noise out. 

You can push them into the ear if you want to enhance this effect since they have a vent to ensure you don’t feel the suction on your ears.

Adaptive sound is a feature that automatically changes the volume based on your surroundings. If you are in a quiet room, the volume will be low, and you can raise it if you want. 

The Pixel buds will automatically adjust the volume to cover the noise when you go into a noisy environment.

This is convenient when running or riding the bike, so you won’t have to stop and adjust the volume manually.

4. Bluetooth connectivity

The Google pixel buds offer good Bluetooth connectivity, but there are some typical connectivity issues you’d experience with earbuds. 

A few times, the buds might drop out and reconnect a few seconds later, but generally, you will have a smooth experience with the connection.

You can leave the phone anywhere in range and enjoy your music without losing connection. You will not notice any lag when watching a video, whether it is on Android or iOS; the same goes for MacBooks and other laptops.

How To Find Your Google Pixel Buds

Losing your headphones can be one of the most annoying things to happen, and chances are, it happens every day. 

Earbuds are popular because they are small, easy to carry, and fit in small spaces, but this advantage also presents a challenge. 

They are easy to lose in the furniture or your clothes, and their small size makes them harder to find than regular earbuds. 

Luckily, Google buds accounted for this, and they have features to help you find the earbuds more easily.

You have two options, one is for those with Pixels, and the other is for people with phones that don’t have the feature. For pixels, swipe down and long-press the Bluetooth icon to go into the Bluetooth settings.

Tap on the settings icon on your Pixel bud’s name and go to find the device to see some options to locate your buds. 

For non-pixel androids, download the Google Pixels app, launch it, and tap on the “find device” option to see the available options.  

If you had charged your earbuds and connected them to your phone, you could ring them. They will beep, and you can follow the sound and find them around the house. This will work best if you are sure where the earbuds are or in the same room as them.

If your location history is on, you could look through it and see the last place you connected your earbuds to your phone. This way, you will have a starting point from which to start, which can be convenient for most users.

Troubleshooting Google Pixel Buds

Sometimes you might have trouble with your earbuds, maybe they aren’t connecting to devices, or the music is not playing as well as it does. 

In such a case, you need to know some troubleshooting steps to help you deal with the problem.

For starters, make sure you fully charge the earbuds, and Bluetooth is on on the device you want to connect the pixel buds to. 

Bring the device in range and if the issue doesn’t subside, try to restart the device you are trying to use your pixel buds on.

When the device comes back on, go to the Bluetooth settings and forget or delete the pixels. Go to the available devices and pair with them anew to make the process work. This will keep the drivers for both devices in sync, and you will get better results.

After forgetting the pixels on your device, you must put them in pairing mode to reconnect. For Pixel and other Android 6.0 or newer versions, open the pixels’ charging case, and you should see a fast pair notification at the top of your screen.

If your pixel buds still don’t connect, you can try resetting the charging case and the buds to get all the settings and data to an original, more reliable state. 

A reset wipes the earbuds software of all devices, so you will have to reconnect all of them after setup.


You can reset your earbuds by holding the pairing button down until the light blinks light and orange; once it turns white without orange, you will know you have reset the earbuds. You can remedy the situation if you are having trouble connecting your pixel buds to devices.

Google pixel buds hold up well in the field, and they will be worth every penny you spend on them. They have some cool features, including hands-free Google assistant, which makes them stand out from the competition, so they will be a great choice for most people.

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