How To Show Fps In Wow; World Of Warcraft Ultimate Guide

How To Show Fps In Wow

Are you looking for adventure? Are you looking for a fantastic storyline full of the best fight scenes? Then you are looking for World of Warcraft. This game has made waves around the globe for its excellent graphics, quality, and player indulgence.

To enjoy any video game, you need to configure it correctly to your system, so it runs without a hitch. Let us look at World of Warcraft and how you can improve its performance and your skill level in the game.

How To Show fps In WoW

All you need to do is press control and R, which will take you to the toggle framerate display window. Here you will see the default settings that your game is running on, and if you wish to, you can change them to get better quality or improve your PC’s performance. You could change the keys to access this setting if you want to make it more convenient.

What Is Word Of Warcraft

Let’s start with how to get World of Warcraft; the first thing you need is a account. is Blizzard’s online platform, and it hosts all its games, including WoW, Overwatch, Diablo, and others.

Go to and follow the instructions to create an account, and you will be ready to get the game. You don’t have to pay for a account since it’s only a platform that offers games which you will pay for independently.

The next thing you need is a copy of WoW, and the good news is that it is simple than it used to be. If you have a account, you get a WoW starter edition account which allows them to play the game up to level 20 free of charge.

If you want to play past level 20, you need to subscribe to WoW, and it will give you access to all content except the most recent expansion. If you want the latest expansion, you will have to purchase the expansion pack.

With a game as big as WoW, it might be daunting to be a beginner since you might know people that have played for years. Let us get into the details to help you understand what the game is all about for an easier transition;

This is an important question since it can be a tricky question both for beginners and experts. There are so many ways to play the game; therefore, it is a broad question, so we will break it down into the literal world of Warcraft and the gameplay.

1. The World

The world in the game is a massive one; it started as a series of RTS games in the 90s, and Blizzard released WoW in 2004. By the name, it contained the Worlds of the Warcraft games merged into one big game.

Since then, WoW has carved its path forward, with each expansion having new characters, content, and storylines to follow. WoW expansion typically adds an enormous new landmass to the game, and they release one average every two years.

WoW primarily takes place on Azeroth, a unique planet in an otherwise scary and dark universe. As a new player, you will start as a member of the Alliance or the Horde, dealing with minor local problems.

Eventually, you will grow in power and explore the rest of the planet and even distant planets. With more explorations, you will find new gear that will make you more powerful and fight stronger enemies as you level up in the game.

2. WoW Gameplay

As a game, WoW is an MMORPG. You will create a character, and that character will level up and earn gear that is useful in exploring the massive world you are in.

There are other players in the game that you can team up with, or if you are feeling up to it, you can fight them. WoW is seen by most players as having two parts to it, leveling and end game.

The end game is the progression you do when your character hits max level. It is about getting the most powerful gear and defeating the most powerful enemies to complete the game.

Leveling is your character’s journey to the endgame, and it involves exploring the world to learn about new places, its races, and the villains. You will fight bad guys and level up as you proceed to fight more powerful villains. 

This is a great time to be leveling a new character since WoW now scales the zones to keep pace with your character’s level. This means you don’t out-level zones, and you will also get more freedom of where you can go with better game quality.

World Of Warcraft Beginner’s Guide

Starting highly competitive games such as WoW can be challenging if you don’t have someone to guide you through it. World of Warcraft might get demanding, and you could end up giving up without the proper guidance so let’s get into it;

A basic rundown of how the game works is choosing between two competing factions when you start the game. This first choice will limit the race you can choose, and the race limits the class you can go with. 

The classes will then offer you three specialization options to get unique spells and abilities that determine your role in a party. You can then level up your character and experience the game through quests, group dungeons, and other game options.

There is a free trial up to level 20. This means you won’t have to put down any money as you get through the introductory level as you get your character to his basic abilities and learn basic spells. 

You will get an introductory tour of the game without spending to see if it fits you. It will not give you everything WoW has to offer, but it should give you an idea of what you will be paying for.

During the game, you might see some races you can’t choose during your character selection, Allied races. You cannot select any of these races directly, but the quest lines to get to them are still in the game, so you can get access to them in-game.

You can buy items in the game to help you change the race, but they are costly though faster than completing a ton of quests.

How much do you need to buy if you have played the WoW trial and feel like you want more? All you need is to subscribe; you could get the expansion from November 2020, which will boost your player to the level cap of 50 and 30 days of free playtime.

Ultimately you will get all expansions before that, and you can get all the boosts by subscribing and playing. This is a nice change since all the old content is virtually free once you subscribe rather than users paying for them.

One issue you might have had with some games is getting items in the game, but they are useless to you. This is not a concern in WoW since everything scales through your level of experience so that you get tools that are relevant to you.

If you play with a friend at level 40 and you are at level 25, you will both enjoy the game. He will fight characters in level 40, and you will fight characters in level 25, and you will both get gear and experiences that are perfect for your levels.

If you are doing a quest and have a friend who already went through it, you could go into the map and do a sync quest. This way, all the quests you are yet to do become available to the other player, and they could go through it with you.

Your friends will get significant drops and equipment from the quests along with them, making it easier for you since they will know the ropes. The new way WoW has defined leveling experience where you can change to any expansion as a new character.

Blizzard is developing official gamepad support that you can turn on in your game. This will allow you to create a pretty cool controller-based WoW experience that will make you more comfortable.


It’s all been a great time, and there is a lot of excitement about World of Warcraft now, especially after the Shadowlands expansion. Even older expansions are different, and players can go back to them and level up to get additional gear and level up.

There is so much life in the game currently, so there is a lot to see. The game offers a free trial to see how it works and the characters available to help you decide if you like it. You can change the fps in WoW if the defaults don’t work as well as you need.

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