Is CARiD Legit: All You Need To know

 Is CARiD Legit

Buying and maintaining a car are two different things. Buying a car is one time but maintaining it is forever. To perfectly keep your vehicle, you need time and money. 

You will have to service the car and buy new spare parts regularly. These are the only things that will ensure your car offers you an optimal level of performance. 

During the old day, one could get all these services by physically visiting the spare parts stores. The bad thing is that you could waste your precious time just to be told that they do not have what you need. 

However, with the technological advancements came the online spare part stores. It’s from here that the CARiD comes into the scene. 

It’s among the leading vehicle spare parts and accessories retailers that exclusively sell online. Online retailers usually rely on customer reviews. 

Positive customer reviews increase trust and traffic. This has not been the case with CARiD and has led to the question. 

Is CARiD Legit

Yes, according to the report on the “Better Business Bureau” and some online customer reviews, CARiD is undoubtedly a legit website. CARiD has been in operation for more than eleven years. 

Plus, it has successfully sold more than two million car products. Many customers speak positively about CARiD and their experiences of buying online. 

Equally, some specific customers have given negative reviews about the company. It’s the negative reviews that have people questioning the legitimacy of CARiD.

About The Business

The CARiD is quite popular today. It’s an eCommerce retailer that sells accessories and auto parts. It specializes in both aftermarket and OEM products.

In 2003, the company was founded in Network City. Today it sells more than 50,000 products. You can indeed find a replacement for the existing trucks or cars plus SUVs. 

The best-selling products at CARiD are spoilers, custom grilles, body kits, logo mats, and many more. The company sells legit car accessories that are durable. 

Plus, you can also buy aftermarket car parts from them, and they have been designed for particular models.  

CARiD Products

The eCommerce platform has more than 50,000 different car parts and accessories. You will undoubtedly find a part for each specific model. 

Their best-selling products are headlights, dash kits, car doors, and custom-made grilles. The store also offers a variety of tires and wheels. 

From here, you can find something that will make your car look more fabulous. This is not the end of their products. 

You can also acquire great quality batteries, stereos, speakers, and GPS, and security cameras. There are exhaust parts, wipers, brakes, and A/C systems when it comes to repairing parts. 

The company also takes custom orders. So if you need something personalized, you can always contact them.

CARiD Prices 

The cheapest product at CARiD is undoubtedly $12 and goes up to more than $1000. However, it depends on the type of product you need

Some products like car mats, fragrances are lower than custom-made doors, brakes, etc. The prices of products at the company are usually more affordable than in other stores. 

CARiD also offers excellent discounts on its products. Mostly it’s whenever you buy more than one product. There is a rule when it comes to online shopping. 

Before you buy to make any final purchase online, you need to check prices across the different sites. 

CARiD Shipping Policy

The shipping process of this company is quite similar to the other companies—CARiD ships its products to all parts of the world. 

However, the shipping charge does depend on your countries location and other factors like products weight. You will know your total shipping amount once you click on the check-out button. 

Free shipping is only applicable to those who reside in the United States. Within the United States, the delivery takes a maximum of five days. 

To other countries, it can take up to two to three weeks. For faster shipping, you should go for express shipping when you check out. 

The Return Policy

At times you can buy a product online and end up not liking it. Like other eCommerce websites, CARiD offers a return policy. 

The return can, however, be only done within 30 days of delivery. All you need to do is go to the return page. From here, you can indeed submit your request. 

When you are done filling the form, you will receive a guide on actualizing the return. Typically you will have to ship it back when the product safely arrives back at the company. 

You will get your exchange or refund. If you are in the United States, the whole process will take approximately 48 hours, and your refund will be back. 

If you do not love the product, you should note that you might spend a bit from your pocket. But if it was faulty, they will only cut a minimum fee. 

Customer Reviews

The Pros of Shopping With CARiD

According to some customers, shopping with CARiD offers convenience. It’s better than physically visiting an auto spare parts store. 

Through a quick online search, you can indeed access a wide range of choices. Plus, it’s easier to compare prices and get a great deal. However, most believe that CARiD prices its products reasonably. 

The price matches that of other competitors’ websites by 100%. It also sells automotive accessories and parts that have excellent quality. 

Another great thing is the thirty days return and exchange policy. However, the item should still be new and not used. 

The company also has a very dedicated team that offers support to the customers. They will help you to locate the components you need quickly and at a great price. 

In addition to that, some customers praise the team because of how fast it resolves issues. The customer support team is always available 24/7. Lastly is that CARiD offers excellent discounts. 

The Cons of Shopping With CARiD

Although there are several benefits of shopping online through CARiD, there are also a few cons. Most of the negative reviews had a common complaint which is shipment delays. 

A few past customers complain that their orders are always delayed time and again. It means you should not put your hopes high on the 48 hours delivery since it might take longer. 

Therefore if you need your vehicle to be repaired urgently, you should not opt for the online thing. Again the shipping costs can be pretty high depending on your region. 

Therefore before making the check-out, you need to compare the shipping fees with other sites. This is to be sure that you are not being overcharged. 

Alternatives To CARiD

Rock Auto 

It is among the stores that have a user-friendly website. Almost anyone can navigate it, but you need to be clear about what you want. 

The website is well organized. It has all car makes, and you will indeed find what you need pretty fast. From the site, you will find the product you need because they have almost everything. 

It ranges from exotic imports to custom-made products. Plus, they also have meager prices, and that is a great thing. 

However, the bad thing about the company is that it does not offer free shipping on any of its products. Therefore if you are looking to buy multiple parts, you need to do additional research. 

Parts Geek 

It is a retailer known to offer great discounts on car parts and aftermarket parts. They offer products for different models and makes. 

The company specializes in car parts that are very hard to find and offers them great prices. On the downside, the company does have a questionable customer service policy. 

For example, if the company ships you wrong parts or with some parts missing, you will have to ship it back at your own expense. 

This inconveniences the customer a lot because they do not reimburse the shipping costs. To add to this, they cannot send you the missing or right parts unless you successfully ship everything back. 

Of the entire eCommerce site, the Parts Geek has the most negative reviews. However, it’s among the most affordable online retailer. It also offers free shipping on any order you make. 

If you need to save some dollars, then it is the right place to go. Be sure to do a double check on the parts you are ordering before checking out. 

Advance Auto Parts

This retailer offers a lot of car products and has a loyalty program. With the program, a customer earns points each time they make a purchase. 

However, advanced Auto Parts is hugely known for selling car batteries. If you need a car battery that is long-lasting and highly durable, you should visit their website

Plus, you will enjoy free shipping on any product you buy above $35. They were doing the packaging very quickly, and you will have your parts ready in like 30 minutes. 


Today, many online retailers are selling spare parts. Both the old and new brands want to make new customers and maintain the existing clientele. 

The competition has led to discount deal prices, excellent customer service, and many more. Overall, buying spare parts online is relatively cheaper than the local physical shops. It’s because their operating cost is much more affordable. 

CARiD is one of the popular online car parts and spare parts retailers. It has been in operation for many years and is very legit. 

Other than the usual complaints about poor service delivery. You can indeed find car parts and spare parts at a very great price in CARiD. 

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