How To Connect AirPods To LG TV: Mini Guide To Using Airpods With LG TV

How To Connect AirPods To LG TV

AirPods are not just designed for Apple TV and other Apple devices only, and you can also connect them to other product brands and enjoy them to the fullest. Though, when connected to LG or other brands outside of Apple, specific AirPods features will be limited, but all basic functionalities are sustained. The procedures to attach AirPods to LG TV are similar to those required to connect them to Apple devices like Apple TV and iPhone.

So, how do I Connect AirPods to LG TV?

You can connect Apple AirPods with LG TV via the Bluetooth Settings of the LG TV.

To connect your AirPods to LG TV, go to your TV Settings, then tap on the Bluetooth to get to its settings. Open the lids of the AirPods case, then press the button located at the back of the case before holding it down until the status light blinks white.

Your AirPods symbol should appear on your LG TV’s Bluetooth list, which is a list displaying the available Bluetooth that you can connect to the TV. Click on the AirPods symbol to pair it finally with your LG TV.

Most LG TVs are Bluetooth-enabled outside the box, to enable Bluetooth on your LG TV, go to the Settings on the TV, then click on the sound before clicking on Sound Out, and then tap on Bluetooth before selecting your device, which in this case are your AirPods. This simple procedure also works for pairing other Bluetooth-enabled devices apart from the AirPods. Always ensure the device is in pairing mode when completing the linking.

How To Connect AirPods To LG TV Without Bluetooth

It is possible to connect your AirPods to your LG TV without the need to turn on and pair the Bluetooth on both devices. The following steps apply

1. Get a Transmitted-Receiver Two-in-One Wireless Adapter

This device sells for a meager price, and you can find it online. If necessary, it also comes with Bluetooth, but you don’t need that to complete this process. This device can connect just any device, including home theater speakers, guitar amplifiers, theater amps, and TVs, to AirPods.

This device functions through its RCA audio cable adapter feature. It also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack cable you can plug into its port.

2. Plug the headphone Jack into the LG TV

Plug the headphone jack into the appropriate port behind the LG TV, switch the device into the transmitter mode or TX, and hold the power button down for about 3 seconds to power it on.

3. Connect Your AirPods

Grab the AirPods and then open up the lid and then hold the pairing button at the back of the pods in the pairing mode. Double-tap on the power button on the transmitter you set up on TV earlier, and your LG TV and AirPods will be automatically paired.

With the pairing completed, anything you play on your LG TV will be automatically streamed to your AirPods through the transmitter and without any Bluetooth.

Keep in mind that the transmitter comes with a battery life of around 8 hours, but it comes with a charging cable so that you can always recharge when necessary. You can charge the transmitter while your AirPods are paired with your LG TV.

If you are having issues connecting your LG TV with AirPods without Bluetooth, you can always refer to the transmitter’s manual for a fix.

Other Things You Should Know About Using AirPods with LG TV

You can do several other things while your AirPods are connected to your LG TV. These include the following;

1. Changing AirPods Volume

There is no control for changing the volume of sound from your LG TV on your AirPods. You can only increase or decrease the AirPods volume by changing it on the LG TV. This is the same situation on other devices you use the AirPods with because Apple has not provided any volume control on them.

2. How to Unpair Your Apple AirPods from Your LG TV

To unpair your AirPods with the LG TV, return to the settings on the app, then click on Remote and Devices before you select Bluetooth. A drop-list will show up, and you can choose your paired AirPods from the list. Click on Forget devices and then click on confirm to complete the process.

3. How to Connect Your AirPods to Someone Else’s TV

Sometimes you might want to link your AirPods to someone else’s TV that is not connected to your iCloud account. To achieve this, you must ensure that the AirPods are currently in use. Press the pairing button located at the back of the AirPods case until it starts to show a blinking white light.

Switch on the TV- this could be Apple TV or any other TV brand, then go to the TV’s setting before choosing Bluetooth from the Remote and Devices section. Click on your AirPods before tapping on connect device. Your AirPods will appear on the available AirPods list alongside other AirPods previously connected to the TV.

4. Connecting Your TV to the Last Paired AirPods

If you have disconnected the last AirPods you used with a TV and you want to reconnect them back, you can do this in a simple way. Turn ON the TV, then go to settings and choose the audio and video option. Click on your preferred audio output before, and the default option will be displayed-this will likely be your TV speakers.

You can scroll down to that area where you will see Temporary audio output, and you can easily locate other speakers and headphones. Flip the AirPods case open, and you will see the AirPods shown on the available device lists on your TV. Choose your AirPods from the list with the remote. Insert your AirPods to your ears to start using it.

Using The Third Generation Apple AirPods

The third-generation AirPods, also known as AirPods 3, can be used with any Apple device and many other third-party devices outside of Apple. Just before you begin, make sure your AirPods 3 Bluetooth is on, and they are updated.

1. Pairing Your AirPods 3 with Devices

To set up your AirPods 3, open the case and place the pods near your device and follow the onscreen instructions. If you are using iPhone or any other Apple device, make sure the operating system is the IOS15 or newer or iPad OS 15.1 or newer.

Press and hold down the setup button located at the back of the AirPods case, and wait for a little until the status light begins to flash white. Go to the Bluetooth settings, and you will see your AirPods display and which should automatically connect it.

2. Choose the Right Fit and Play Audio on Your AirPods

Many Apple AirPods users don’t pay attention to the sizes of their AirPods, but it is important to choose the right size for certain reasons. Press the AirPods gently towards your ears and then rotate them toward your face. The pods should hold tight and secure to your head.

To listen to audio, wear the AirPods on your ears and then open the audio app on your device; for instance, you have to click on the audio app like Apple music for the AirPods to become active instantly. You can also use the onscreen controls on your device to change the AirPods volume.

3. Using the Siri

This is the point where you can only use certain features peculiar to Apple devices only. For instance, Siri is available only on certain Apple devices. If Siri is enabled on your device, then you can use it with your AirPods anytime your device is connected to the internet.

To use Siri with your AirPods, say Hi or press down and hold the Force sensor on the AirPods before making your request to Siri.

4. Find My Network Feature

If you want to connect to the internet whenever you are within its range, you can use the Network turn on the feature. You can also use the find my app feature to locate your AirPods automatically. The automatic network finder will locate your AirPods even when you are offline.

 All you have to do is go to settings, click on the Bluetooth, and click on the I symbol in the blue circle next to your AirPods. Scroll down the page, and you will see the find my network. Keep in mind that Apple IOS 15 is required to have access to these features.

Just like AirPods and AirPods 2, you should consider updating your operating system before getting the third generation AirPods. It is often more important to update your device’s operating system before connecting your AirPods as you don’t have to erase any information after connecting the AirPods. Keep in mind that third-party devices like LG TV may also require an updated operating system since they are smart TVs.

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