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6 Jobs Opportunities In Korea For International Students

The Republic of Korea is a vibrant country with modern cities and an ancient culture. It has also become one of the most popular destinations for international students who want to study abroad and gain real-world experience in a globalized world. 

Korea is known for its high-end education, affordable cost of living, and intriguing culture. Its famous universities, such as Korea University, Yonsei University, and Seoul National University, consistently rank among the top 50 universities globally. 

Furthermore, nearly 200 universities in Korea offer Intensive Korean programs that are perfect for non-native speakers who wish to study there. 

If you’re looking for job opportunities while pursuing your degree in Korea, this article will highlight some job opportunities international students can give a try.

1. Work In Computer/ Book Library

Working in a library is a perfect job for international students who are fluent in Korean. This job will require you to take care of the computers, organize the books, and provide reading materials for students. 

As a book or computer librarian, you will be responsible for cataloging new books, maintaining the book collection, and promoting reading among students. 

2. Work In A School Canteen

Another job opportunity for international students in Korea is working in school canteens. You can expect to take care of the cafeteria, serve food to students, and take care of the general cleanliness of the area. 

Working in a Korean high school cafeteria is a great way to become familiarized with Korean culture and make new friends. 

The hours for this job are not very long also during the summer break; you can also apply to work at summer vacation canteens.

3. Teach English

If you have a TEFL certification and have experience teaching English, you can apply to work as an English teacher in Korea. 

This is a great job opportunity for those interested in getting a job in the Korean education system. 

You will get a decent salary, along with health and housing benefits. In addition, if you have a TEFL certification, there are several online job websites where you can look for teaching positions in Korea. 

You can also apply at local English institutes. Be sure to check out the requirements for each job and prepare a good resume and cover letter.

4. Fast Food Delivery And Morning Newspaper Delivery

If you don’t want to work in a school cafeteria, you can also apply for a job that involves delivering food. 

This job is available for both part-time and full-time positions. You can apply to work at pizza delivery places, Chinese food delivery companies, and other fast food outlets. 

If you want to make more money, you can also apply to work as a newspaper delivery person. This job is only available during the morning hours.

5. Waiters and assistants at restaurants, supermarkets

If you want to work as a waiter or assistant in a restaurant or supermarket, you can apply for these positions during your stay in Korea. 

Such positions are open only to those who can speak and understand Korean well enough.

You can also apply to work as a barista at coffee shops. This position requires some experience in the kitchen and high knowledge of Korean cooking. 

Working in a restaurant or café is a great way to make Korean friends and practice your Korean language skills. 

6. Tour Guide

If you want to work as a tour guide in Korea, you must have a TEFL certification and experience in your field. 

You can apply to work at tourist agencies as a part-time tour guide or translator. You can also apply to work as a university or language institute tour guide. 

Tour guides work closely with international students and must have good language skills. Working as a tour guide is a great way to improve your communication skills.

Job Prospects In Korea

Working in Korea offers a unique set of challenges. The culture and language barrier can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak Korean. However, the rewards of living and working in Korea far outweigh any downsides. 

With a population of only 50 million people, Korea has been reported as having one the fastest growing economies in the world – and it shows. 

The demand for foreign workers is at an all-time high, with more than 100 job fairs held in major cities annually.

Working in Korea can be a great experience for anyone interested in the culture or who wants to get some fantastic networking opportunities

The job market for foreigners is not as limited as most people think. In fact, there are quite a few jobs available for foreigners in different sectors: teaching English, working for a non-profit organization, or even investing in a local business.

Do You Need To Speak Korean To Work In Korea?

To work in Korea, you need to know the local language – Korean. If your Korean language needs some improvements, you can get Korean tutors very easily to help you polish your language skills. 

Even if your job does not require speaking, reading, or writing Korean on a daily basis, it could still come in handy. 

There may be situations where reading and writing Korean becomes necessary, for example, when searching for housing or applying for jobs. 

Therefore, if you want to work in Korea without worrying about communicating with locals regularly, it would be wise to consider learning its language beforehand.

Getting The Right Job That Suits You As An International Student 

There are plenty of options if you are looking for a job in Korea and are an international student. You can work in a café, deliver newspapers, or at a tourist agency as a translator or tour guide. 

No matter which job you decide to do, ensure you have the right qualifications and are a good fit for the position. 

Finding a job in Korea can be challenging, but if you are determined, you will find something that works for you. 

Just remember to speak Korean whenever you can, be friendly and polite, and be sure to check out local job websites for openings near you. 

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