How To Cancel AT&T U-Verse: A Simple Guide For Customers

How to Cancel AT And T U-Verse

Many customers who signed up for AT&T U-Verse are genuinely upset because they cannot get the service to work. 

Some people have been told there is nothing wrong with their connections and that it’s a problem with their equipment, but in most cases, the issue is with the connection.

Canceling your AT&T U-verse service is easy. It’s also free unless you purchased equipment with an early termination fee or ETF. 

This guide will teach you how to efficiently cancel your AT&T U-verse, along with any equipment you have purchased from them.

How to Cancel AT&T U-Verse

Canceling AT&T U-verse is a process that can be done in just under 30 minutes. If you want to cancel AT&T U-verse for any reason, including moving to a new house or apartment with no existing wiring for simple cable TV, here’s how to do it:

There are three ways of cancellation:

  • In-person at the AT&T store
  • Via phone using their customer support at 1-800-288-2020
  • Online through the AT&T customer support (only for DSL Customers)

How To Terminate AT&T Internet Service Via Phone

If you get caught up in AT&T’s retention processes, canceling by phone might take a long time.

To get through the phone call quickly, use these steps:

  1. Contact AT&T customer assistance at 1–800–288–2020.
  2. They will check your account number or other forms of identity if you are not identifiable by your phone number.
  3. As your reason for calling, state “cancel service.”
  4. When they ask what service you’re phoning for, say “internet.”
  5. When a representative answers the phone, explain that you’re leaving the country and need assistance cancelling your internet account or some other excuse to avoid the infamous “we could serve you  in your new place.”
  6. Be sure to tell them that you want to cancel your service by the end of the month.

History Of AT&T

AT&T is one of the leading telecommunications providers in the United States. They started as a long-distance company but have since expanded to include various services for home and business. 

One popular service they offer is U-verse TV, which delivers over 140+ digital TV channels. If you’re moving into a new home or business, the first thing you should do is call AT&T and sign up for U-verse TV service.

It comes with tons of free channels such as CNN and Lifetime Movies. It works by wirelessly transmitting your programming through your internet connection instead of using the traditional cable.

After AT&T was split apart from the old Bell System by the U.S. Supreme Court, they continued to grow as a telecom service provider offering telephone service, mobile phone service, television services, and internet.

Nowadays, AT&T is one of the largest companies in its industry, thanks to its acquisition of DirecTV in 2015 for $67 billion. They have over 95 million customers today across all their products and services. 

With the 5G Evolution upgrade, AT&T has implemented changes to improve your home Wi-Fi experience.

What Is AT&T U-Verse?

AT&T U-verse is a suite of cable television services offered by AT&T in the United States. Its primary service consists of bundled telephone, Internet access, and television. 

AT&T U-verse is the second-largest satellite TV provider in the United States, after DirecTV. It provides television and internet services to over 5 million people across 22 states.

A one-time fee installation charge of $99.99 applies to all TV packages. A $50 installation charge applies to TV packages when you select self-installation for your equipment.

The following charges may apply if applicable: Federal Universal Service Charge ($29.1% monthly per line), Regulatory Video Cost Recovery Charge ($1.25-$1.50 monthly per line), Administrative Recovery Fee ($1.99 monthly per location), and other surcharges defined.

Services available include AT&T U-verse TV (which is a high-definition service), AT&T U-verse High-Speed Internet (which offers speeds up to 24Mbps in select markets), and AT&T U-verse Voice (a phone service).

The High-Speed Internet service is available in three different packages: Access, Choice, and Max. AT&T U-verse also offers a fiber-optic network for subscribers who want faster speeds.

Is AT&T U-Verse Right For You?

AT&T U-verse is an excellent option for looking for digital television, high-speed internet, and home phone service. 

Here are the pros of AT&T U-verse:

1. 3-in-1 Packages

The first thing that you will notice about AT&T U-verse is the packaging of services. While other companies only offer one or two services, AT&T offers three different packages: TV, High-Speed Internet, and Home Phone Service. 

The good news is that all three packages can be bundled together and save you money on each individually. This is one of the reasons why the U-verse has become so popular. 

Consumers already using AT&T for their landline telephone services could now combine their voice and internet into one bill. 

This would be convenient for most people because they only need to contact one company if they have any issues with their service.

2. Cost-Effective Options 

Compared to other similar services, customers get more value for their money when they sign up with AT&T U-verse. 

It offers them affordable internet, phone, and TV packages that are bundled together. This means all three services are cheaper than if they were ordered separately.

3. Installation Is Cheap

 No Satellite dish installation is necessary because the services are delivered via fiber optic cable. 

You can have all three services bundled into one plan, or they can be separately purchased if you prefer. The installer will come to install all equipment at no additional charge.

Why Many Customers Are Cancelling This Service

AT&T U-Verse is a great product, but it’s not perfect for everyone. Despite being a famous company that  many  trust, they still make mistakes and fail to live up to the quality of their service.

1. Unreliable And Unstable Internet

One of the biggest complaints about U-verse is the unreliable service they provide. 

Some users have reported that they cannot watch TV or conduct video calls without interruption even though there are no signs of damage or physical issues with their equipment. 

2. Price

First, AT&T charges extra for everything! 

You can expect to pay $100-$150 per month for this service depending on how much TV you plan on watching or if you want premium channels like HBO or Showtime.

The price is not outrageous, but it is significantly more expensive than other cable services like Xfinity, DirectTV, and Dish Network. 

Other times, technicians have to be sent out at additional costs that the customer will pay.

3. Long Wait Times On Customer Support.

Popularity doesn’t matter when it comes to being a good cell phone provider, though. It would be best if you looked at customer satisfaction ratings instead.

Sometimes it takes several attempts to reach customer support for help, which is why AT&T ranks dead last with 1 out of 5 stars. 

4. Alleged Data Mining 

AT&T has been allegedly selling its customers’ private information to other companies. 

5. Billing Errors And Overcharges

AT&T is known for overcharging its customers. They have been in the news several times for their billing errors and overcharges. When they are not under fire from the press, they are being hit with class-action lawsuits. 

Just recently, AT&t agreed to pay $80 million in a settlement with its customers affected by its billing practices.

There are also numerous cases of AT&T refusing to correct their mistakes, resulting in thousands of customer complaints on forums like Reddit, ConsumerAffairs, RipoffReport, ComplaintsBoard, and ResellerRatings.

What Are Your Options? 

Now that AT&T  raised the prices of their U-Verse packages, more and more consumers are looking for alternatives to this service. If you’re one of those people, there are plenty of good options out there for you.


The first alternative to AT&T U-Verse is Xfinity, an exclusive deal with Apple TV to offer its customers 4K content at no additional cost. It also offers its subscribers unlimited online storage so that they can save every episode of their favorite shows and movies. 


The second option is DIRECTV NOW, which allows you to watch live TV on any device without extra charges.


Centurylink has been providing high-quality internet connectivity solutions for years. It includes DSL Internet access in addition to fiber-optic internet connections.

Centurylink also offers VoIP Business Phone Service with competitive rates for local or long-distance calling.

Charter Communications Incorporated (Spectrum )

It offers several products and services, including video, high-speed internet, voice services, home security and automation, and business communications solutions.


AT&T would love to keep you as a customer if they could, but it appears they are unable to deliver on their promises.

After giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision about canceling your current internet plan, we hope you are better prepared to choose an alternative. After all, there are many other alternatives available for Internet service in your area!

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