How To Keep iPhone Battery Health At 100: 8 Useful Tips And Tricks

How To Keep iPhone Battery Health At 100

Keeping your iPhone battery healthy is one of the most important things to do. Your phone runs on it, and you can’t even use it when it’s without juice! 

What’s more, if you keep your battery healthy, your device will have a longer life cycle, so you won’t need to buy new phones every year. Your phone battery is very delicate and needs to be maintained well for optimal performance.

This article contains eight valuable tips on saving your iPhone battery health and explains what affects battery performance in the first place.

Tips For Keeping iPhone Battery Health At 100%

Everyone knows that the iPhone is a battery hog. We all have to charge our phones more frequently than we’d like – especially if we use the phone heavily. But there are some things you can do to keep your battery healthy and get more life out of it:

Tip 1 – Turn Off Running Apps In The Background 

The best thing you can do for your iPhone’s battery is to turn off background tasks. There are dozens of apps running in the background, waiting for an opportunity to sync something with Facebook or Twitter or send a push notification to your phone. 

This constant syncing and updating takes its toll on your phone and drain your battery.

Tip 2- Keep Your iPhone Out Of Extreme Heat Or Cold 

Keeping your iPhone on you is convenient and helpful to keep up with work or social life. However, it is best to avoid extreme heat or cold when carrying your device around as much as possible.

Why? It’s because your iPhone battery can take a hit from these temperature changes, causing the battery life to shorten over time due to its chemical make-up.

 For instance, if you use your phone regularly during the summer months at a beach resort, chances are there will be a lot of warmth, and your phone will overheat.

Extreme temperatures can shorten your battery life and cause it to die earlier than expected.

Don’t Leave Your iPhone In The Sun For Long Periods Of Time

Letting your smartphone spend time in the sun is not suitable for it. It will shorten your phone’s battery life and can even damage it.

If you want to leave your phone somewhere and don’t want it to run out of charge, put it in a cool place like the shelf. This way, you can make sure that your iPhone stays charged while remaining cooler than usual.

Remember not to leave your phone in a hot or cold car!

Tip 3 – Keep Your iPhone Away From Liquids And Moisture 

This tip is easy to follow and will help your iPhone last longer. It goes without saying that whenever it rains, keep your phone safe and rush to shelter! 

The reason behind this is that water will get in through the charging port or earphone jack while you use them in the rain.

If there is moisture in the port, it will cause some corrosion which will damage the hardware and software of your device.

This might lead to a short circuit, so it’s better not to expose your iPhone near liquid whenever possible.

Tip 4 – Avoid Using The Phone When It Is Charging!

We have all been in a situation when our phone is almost dead, so we plug it in to charge. It is a terrible habit to use your phone while charging because it will heat the battery and shorten its lifespan.

If you don’t want to damage your phone in any way, then you should stop using it when it is plugged into an outlet. Otherwise, your smartphone might not last as long as you would like.

Tip 5 – Turn Down Your Screen Brightness 

Every cellphone has a backlight, which is what makes the screen visible in the dark. The amount of light it produces depends on how bright or dim you make it.

The brighter your backlight, the less battery power you have left. It’s not uncommon to see people playing with their phone’s brightness control as they try to find a balance between visibility and battery life.

Tip 6 – Make Sure Your Phone Is Updated!

Many of us know that apps running in the background eat up our battery life. But did you know that the latest update to the iOS system will enable a “low power mode” on your device? 

This is an excellent feature for anyone running low on juice and needs some extra hours from their iPhone or iPad. 

The iPhone’s operating system is always being worked on and updated to give users a better experience. Your phone should be up to date so that you can take advantage of all the new features. Make sure you have the latest iOS installed so your battery will last longer!

This tip especially comes in handy when you’re travelling and want to use your phone as a GPS. The more features there are, the more power it takes, which means your battery life will suffer unless you keep it updated.

Tip 7 – Use Low Power Mode When Necessary! 

The low power mode is a new iOS 9 that’s designed to give your iPhone more charge. It doesn’t give you more charge; it just makes you think you do.

How does low power mode work? It turns off certain features on your iPhone (like background app refresh and motion effects) to make the phone think its battery is running low, thereby saving some charge for later. 

As Macworld points out, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing: even if the phone is fooling you into thinking there’s more juice left than there.

Low Power Mode reduces your device’s performance and limits background activity, so you can still use your iPhone for important things like calling and texting even if you only have a 5% charge left. 

When you activate Low Power Mode manually, the icon will appear onscreen when your device needs more power. Just tap it to turn on this feature that helps preserve battery life for later when you need it.

 It puts the processor into a slow, deep sleep that can last for days, which means it won’t use any battery at all. 

To turn it on, go to Settings>Battery. It will be at the very bottom of the list, just above “Reserve Power”. Turn on Low Power Mode, and you’ll get several more hours until your phone dies completely!

Tip 8 – Turn Off Location Services When Not Needed! 

If you have an iOS device, you likely leave your location services on. GPS and cellular triangulation are a battery suck. If you don’t need it, turn it off!

The iPhone location services are a great feature that can track your friends’ whereabouts, but it may use up a lot of battery.

Every time an app on your phone wants to use the GPS, it requires your location services to be turned on. 

If you have several apps that support this feature, it can drain out all of your battery in just a few hours! 

Most apps do not need your location information to operate. By making sure that your apps only use your location when needed, you will save a lot of battery life.

What Is A Lithium-Ion Battery, And How Does It Work In iPhones?

Lithium-ion batteries are a useful technology. They’re the most popular type of battery used in personal electronics today. 

A lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery that uses lithium ions to store energy. These types of batteries are common and can be found in many electronic devices, including smartphones.

Lithium is the lightest metal found on the periodic table, making it ideal for producing rechargeable batteries. 

The design of lithium-ion batteries has evolved to be smaller and lighter than older versions.

These batteries are much lighter than other rechargeable batteries due to their low density and high energy density. 

They are popular because they have several advantages over other rechargeable batteries, including longer lifespans and faster recharging times.  

They’re also much more efficient; they can be recharged thousands of times before they begin to lose any capacity.

Did you know that a smartphone battery loses a percentage of its charge each month despite not being used? A phone’s lithium-ion battery will lose about 4% of its capacity for a year if left unused.


While it’s generally understood that batteries will degrade over time, we can do a lot to improve their performance and longevity. With these eight tips and tricks, you can easily keep your iPhone battery at 100%. 

If you want to keep your iPhone at optimum battery health, follow these tips as religiously as possible! We guarantee that your iPhone’s battery will last longer than ever before! Hopefully, this information will be useful for you!

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